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DIY Project: Customize your beanie

Finally, my new DIY project is finished! I spotted a similar beanie hat at Topshop in London and I kept me thinking. Beanies are awesome, but customized beanies are even better and more fashionable if you ask me. So I decided to make a cool piece myself. I bought this bracelet at Primark, I took the lock off and sewed it on my hat. I took 10 minutes of work and I’m really happy with my new fashion accessory! You should make one piece too, for cold april days and in preparation for next winter 🙂 ^Nienke

Interior DIY Project: TV Cabinet out of old pallets


After a lot of DIY pallet inspiration on Pinterest, it was time to make my own pallet piece of furniture. 🙂 I got two old pallets for free at Gamma and my husband made a small television cabinet out of it. After a lot of white paint, the project was finished! I’m quite excited about this cool new piece of furniture because it’s exclusive, sustainable, affordable and custom made. 😉

DIY Project: Ombre sweater

It worked out pretty well! I’m in love with the ombre trend for a year now and ombre sweaters are the best. Except the prices! They are crazy expensive or they look really cheap ass. So I decided to make one myself! I bought this Dylon paint for clothes, intended for hand was. I put it in a bucket with water and salt and dyed the sweater into it and wait for a while. Afterwards I rinsed it and put it in the washing machine for a cold wash. The result is great, I’m really happy with my new sweater! I’ll do an outfit shoot with this sweater next week. <3 ^Nienke

DIY Interior project: Clipboard wall decoration

I’m very proud to show you my new Do It Yourself home decoration project! Since I live in this appartement, I didn’t knew what to do with this white wall in the open kitchen. Painting was no option because my husband isn’t a fan of a lot colours in our house (too bad, FML). So after a lot of surfing on cool interior blogs, I found this idea. It’s really simple to do and that’s what I love about it. I bought these clipboards at and my lovely man screwed them to the wall. I ripped some pretty designed pages out of some old magazines and I bought these beautiful postcards in Stockholm last weekend at Lagerhaus. This DIY project is just an hour of work and I’ll have weeks of eye pleasure. 🙂 ^Nienke