Instructions for using an agricultural produce moisture meter

Moisture in agricultural products is considered as a determinant of quality and productivity of farm products such as rice, potatoes, corn, grass, straw, … as well as the health of users and animal health. If the humidity control is not good, it will lead to a moldy condition and countless mold-caused diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis, … and With pets, it is slow, reducing productivity. In the past, people used the traditional experience of looking at the shell or cutting the shell to determine the moisture, but this method is not really accurate.

Therefore, the agricultural produce moisture meter has been created to become an effective assistant for farmers. Helping farmers can measure the moisture content of their agricultural products so that they can store and preserve properly to increase the quality of agricultural products.

In this article, I will present how to use the agricultural produce meter and the necessary notes when using the machine for those who want to learn about these issues. Let’s start exploring.

Instructions for using the correct agricultural produce moisture meter

Step 1: Insert the battery into the device in the right direction and press the Power button to start the machine

Step 2: Use a cup to hold the type of agricultural product to be measured

Step 3: Press the “Select” button to select the appropriate type of agricultural product, the codes of agricultural products listed in the attached note to the product. Users only need to look in the table and press SELECT to select the corresponding code on the machine

Step 4: Press the MEA button to start measuring and wait for 5 seconds

Step 5: After the screen shows the symbol of the farm product, the user pours a cup of an agricultural product previously taken into the measuring bowl.

 Note that the farm produce is spread out evenly so that the machine can perform more accurate measurements. Users can use sanitary brooms to spread the produce equally.

Step 6: After the farm produce is put in, a few seconds after the machine starts giving results. The screen now performs the measured results of the agricultural product that the user has just entered. Now users only need to read the results displayed on the screen

Step 7: The user conducts a second measurement to get the average value. Press the MEA button and continue to do the same. At this time, the screen will display “Time” which is the number of times that the user measured.¬† Next is the second moisture measurement result. Then the user needs to press the “AVE” button to get the average value over the two measurements.

Step 8: After the measurement has been completed, the user needs to pour the agricultural product out, using the broom or brush that is provided with the machine to wipe out the fragments of farm products or dirt that gets on the machine. At the same time, it is necessary to turn off the power, remove the battery from the machine and store the device in a cool place, avoiding contact with water, liquid or direct sunlight.

Notes when using an agricultural produce moisture meter

Here, I will give you some suggestions to use the machine properly.

  • Do not add agricultural products into the industrial tube when the meter is operating, to avoid affecting the measurement results.
  • When pouring agricultural products in a frozen tube, you must pour around the pipes evenly and avoid deflection.
  • The place to pour agricultural products appears in the left corner of the screen, pour the specimen into the machine and wait for about 10 seconds, the moisture measurement result will be displayed. The next time will be like that.
  • To calculate the average of multiple measurements, press the AVE button.

Note: To be able to use this measuring device for a long time without being damaged. You should go to the facility you buy for regular warranty

In conclusion

The above is my knowledge to share with farmers how to use and some notes when using an agricultural produce moisture meter. So if you are looking to buy yourself a moisture meter. Come to reputable organizations to buy. You can be assured of the quality of the machine because there are many types of machines from famous brands that you can easily buy the best moisture meter.

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